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workshops, free goodies, HELPFUL TIPS, WELLNESS WORKSHEETS AND REAL TALK. Helping tweens & teens to grow to be strong, happy & resilient - and most of all, love themselves!

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My programs act as early interventions to help prevent youth growing up and developing things such as anxiety, eating disorders and poor mental health in general. These programs are created to have lasting positive impact on these young people's lives for years to come and overall celebrate the person they are and the beauty of their uniqueness. More resilience, empowerment, individuality and self love.


Self Love Buzz Workshop

Building confidence, worthiness
and finding your awesome!

 Half-day Workshop - 4hrs 

 Online Workshop - 2hrs 

  • In depth mix of practical and discussion based activities.

  • Focus on positive body image, self worth, identifying beliefs, comparison trap and thought patterns around your looks and how to tap into your uniqueness and boost your confidence to love yourself just as you are now!

  • DIY self love activity.

  • Safe open space to be heard and supported without judgement.

  • Includes workbook, worksheets and certificate of completion!

  • $50 per person - Half-day
    $20 per person - Online

Recharge + Uplift Workshop

Dealing with emotions and
ways to self care.

 Half-day Workshop 


  • Perfect for teen girls 14 - 16yrs (age suggestion only - if your teen is a little younger and you think she will benefit please do come along 💕).

  • In depth mix of practical and discussion based activities.

  • Focus on your emotions and why you may be feeling that way.

  • Ways to cope with stress and anxiety and tips to live a more calm and happy every day.

  • Gratitude and self care practices.

  • Safe open space to be heard and supported without judgement.

  • Includes light lunch and take home goodie bag!!

  • $50 per person.


Motivation Board Workshop

Get crafty and create your own board full of positivity! 

 Mini Masterclass 


  • Let’s have some fun with motivational quotes, mantras, kind self talk, goal setting and dream searching!

  • You will craft your very own Motivation Board for a clear vision of how you want to feel and what you want to achieve in the year ahead!

  • Crafts and snacks included.

  • Suitable for 10 -17year olds.

  • $35 per person.

Friendships Matter Crafternoon

Fun DIY friendship
bracelet making!

 Mini Masterclass 


  • Tips on strengthening friendships.

  • Identify what it means to be a friend.

  • Learn important parts of being a friend so you know how to be the best kind of BFF.

  • DIY friendship bracelet making!

  • Crafts and snacks included.

  • Suitable for 10 -14yr olds  (suggestion only, any teen up to the age of 18 can come along!)

  • $35 per person.


One-on-One with founder Ali!

Real, open, safe space to talk,
be heard and supported.

 Initial meet up = 45mins 

 6 x 1:1 sessions = 1hr 

  • For parent, young person and myself (or just the young person and myself if preferred).

  • Ages 10-18yrs, boy or girl (enquire for other ages).

  • Extra bit of guidance and support in that young persons life.

  • Fun, comfortable catchups with take-aways to work on until the next session.

  • Helping identify their passions, goals and pure awesomeness!!

  • The big sister who's always there to listen and help.