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Our In-Person Workshops & 1:1 Mentoring Program

These programs are created to have lasting positive impact on these young people's lives for years to come and overall celebrate the person they are and the beauty of their uniqueness. More resilience, empowerment, individuality and self love. Let's give them a space to let their spark shine!


Creative & supportive after school workshops for self expression, boosting self esteem & overall wellbeing.
For ages 7-15yrs.

1 (1.5hr) workshop per week for 6 weeks, in person

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6 week program building empowerment and confidence skills so we can proudly be our unique self!
For girls 8-12yrs.

1 (1.5hr) workshop per week for 6 weeks, in person

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4 week program for tweens and teens, helping them feel Confident, Positive and Awesome on the daily!
For girls 7-15yrs.

1 (2hr) workshop per week for 4 weeks, in person

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1:1 Mentoring with Ali! A Safe nurturing space to gently guide your young person from self doubt to self confidence!

Available via zoom or in-person sessions.

Our Online Workshops, accessible anywhere, anytime!

The Online Academy is a youth-led, nurturing virtual space for your teen to broaden their interests, expand their community, develop life and self-leadership skills and grow into who they want to be.

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Grateful for my body Workshop

Taking the focus away from the exterior and appreciating all the amazing things our body CAN DO instead!

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Self doubt to Self Empowerment Workshop

Transforming your “I can’ts” into “I cans”. Taking control of your confidence and celebrating you!

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Master kind self talk

Learning to flip the script on negative self-talk to create a more positive approach.

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Face Masks + Self Care

All things self care tips + rituals (P.S. come to the class wearing your favourite face mask!) 

Plus lots more! Sign up to the Shine From Within Online Academy today with a two week FREE trial!
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