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Helping young people find their spark!

Building self-esteem & confidence so they can shine uniquely.

Mentoring to guide, support and cheer on young people to strengthen their self esteem, self worth and overall confidence. Learning to embrace their uniqueness exactly as they are!

How we help youth...



For any young person experiencing low self esteem, body image concerns, friendship difficulty, struggling with the comparisons and pressures of social media or feeling stressed or anxious about simply being them. 

Our 1:1 mentoring program will provide your young person with strategies and tips to navigate their feelings. A gentle, relatable and comfortable approach... think of Ali as their BFF cheering them on or their big sister helping them embrace their amazing self!

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Let's build a positive mind! Ali has created a bunch of fun, encouraging & supportive freebies for you to download, print and do at home. 

From mindful colouring-in sheets, claim your confidence worksheets, gratitude jar activity, self love challenge and much more, there is something for everyone and for different themes. 

Perfect for parents of youth, school or home use with your young person!

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In-person and online group workshops to build resilience, empowerment, individuality and self love. Giving youth a space to let their spark shine and to be seen and heard for who they are.


These programs are created to have lasting positive impact on these young people's lives for years to come and overall celebrate the person they are and the beauty of their uniqueness. 

These workshops and courses run at various times of year, not term based.

NEW ~ Ultimate Mental Health eBook for young people and the adults supporting them!


An essential resource specifically designed for parents, mentors, teaching and the adults supporting young people in cultivating and maintaining optimal mental well-being. This engaging, colourful, FUN and interactive eBook serves as a valuable guide, offering practical strategies and tips, activities and insights to enhance confidence, build resilience, and foster a positive mindset for young people (and perhaps yourself too!).

I’ve created this eBook to
take the guesswork out of it all. To take the pressure off you as the parent, guardian or teacher, or just the adult you are - you don't have to have it all figured out!

ONLY $39.99 (valued over $150)

"Your workshops are something my kids always ask to do! It is so special for them to have another positive role-model in their lives. Thank you for creating such well structured, organised, supportive + enriching experiences for our kids!"

Meet Ali!


Ali Collier is the founder of Energised Minds in Perth WA Australia. She is a Youth Mentor for Tweens, Teens and Young Adults, focusing on helping them realise how amazing they are right now. As a young person she wished she had something, some space or someone to teach her she was enough exactly as she was. That her differences were her superpower and that she shouldn't spend her days wishing she was someone else "better". Ali is here to help youth through finding themselves amongst the pressures of society today so they can live as their truest happiest self!

Ali specialises in Self Love & Self Care, Confidence & Self Esteem, Anxiety & Stress and Body Image.

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