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workshops, free goodies, HELPFUL TIPS, WELLNESS WORKSHEETS AND REAL TALK. Helping tweens & teens to grow to be strong, happy & resilient - and most of all, love themselves!

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let's energise

your mind...

Workshops to motivate, encourage and

empower tweens and teens!

My name's Ali and I want to help create a space for tweens and teens to build self confidence, grow, have fun, to know that their worth goes beyong weight or image, learn self love, make friends and be supported throughout! Energised Minds helps build a stronger more powerful mind, body and spirit - helping young people live to their true potential... be happy, feel confident, simply love themselves inside and out and realise just how AMAZING they are! 

Energised Minds offer free resources from worksheets, self love challenges, gratitude bundles, playlists & colouring sheets (to name a few) for those who'd love some little everyday tips and practices to guide them to be their most amazing! We also offer workshops for tweens and teens that is a collective space to share our feelings, learn some new things, do fun activities and dig a bit deeper in their personal growth.


Energised Minds helps tweens and teens grow to be STRONG, HAPPY & RESILIENT!

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BYE Limiting Beliefs, HELLO Affirmations! The perfect tool for parents, teachers, health and wellbeing professionals, youth mentors and anyone wanting to enhance their mindset for the better.