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workshops, free goodies, HELPFUL TIPS, WELLNESS WORKSHEETS AND REAL TALK. Helping tweens & teens to grow to be strong, happy & resilient - and most of all, love themselves!

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my passion, my drive, my why.

The reason why Energised Minds exists and why it's so important to help young people be happy, feel confident and simply love themselves inside and out.

hi i'm Ali!

I'm a Graphic Designer and Youth Mentor in Perth WA. While I'm good at and love design, my passion and drive lies with wanting to help people, teens in particular feel good in their body! Energised Minds as a whole is all about empowering youth. Helping them feel confident and happy and see that their worth is not measured by looks or weight (to sum it up very briefly!) Something that I wish I had the support for growing up myself.

Growing up and being a teen wasn’t terrible by any means, I don’t have some crazy story that sets me apart. But what I do know is I felt uncomfortable in my own skin, had a bad relationship with my body, no self love or confidence, hated participating in sports or doing speeches cause the attention was on me. I constantly compared myself to everybody and valued myself little to no worth because I didn’t look like the girls in magazines or the ones all the boys chased after! I wasn’t the absolute smartest, or the most funniest, so in my eyes I wasn’t good enough and thought I didn’t deserve to feel happy or have fun being me. My days were full of stress and anxiousness paired with a fake it till you make it smile so I didn’t “stand out” more... and these negative self hate foundations that surfaced stayed with me through my early 20s until I started to reflect and embrace everything I am and have to offer as ME! I valued my worth based on others for so long, and without even stopping to see how amazing I actually was! .

That’s why I’m a youth mentor, that's why I've created Energised Minds! I want to create that support network, a community, a group of awesome people, so no one, especially young people growing up in this already crazy world don’t feel like I did above! I want to help show them their possibilities, their incredible differences and why that’s good, be there to listen to them rather than tell them what to do or who to be, create fun and safe spaces to be creative and learn, and talk to them about real things and what’s important to them. An open space for self love and confidence building. The only limit is your mindset - I believe in you!


Looking back  I wish there could have been a place I could of gone to build that confidence from the beginning to nurture my mind and build resilience... but there wasn't. So my dream to become a youth mentor and create Energsied Minds was born!

In a nutshell - I want to help tweens & teens grown to be
strong, happy & resilient individuals.


Energised Minds will be hosting the SELF LOVE BUZZ workshop Jan 2020!! The ultimate workshop for teen girls to boost their confidence, create self love and worthiness and tap into how amazing they really are!  

The workshop will be a mix of worksheets, DIY activities, open discussions and self love practices in a beautiful space and small group, where everyone feels welcome, safe, loved and can be their truest self while making friends along the way... oh and there will be take home goodie bags of course too!

If this sounds like something your tween or teen would love to be a part of, please register your interest below.