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Affirmation Card Deck

BYE Limiting Beliefs, HELLO Affirmations! The perfect tool for parents, teachers, health and wellbeing professionals, youth mentors and anyone wanting to enhance their mindset for the better.

20pk Card Deck

These cards help flip the negative thought patterns that might be stopping you from feeling your best.


Helping guide you to creating positive change in your mindset and act as a reminder that you are incredibly amazing, right now as you are!!

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ONLY $15.95
+ $8.95 postaGe and handling WITH AUSTRALIAN POST. 

This is a small parcel fee, same price for local or over east deliveries. Please allow up to 7 days. Delays are rare but possible, and out of my control when with Australian Post.

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Have you ever told yourself something over and over again and come to believe it? Maybe something like, “I’m not good enough” or “I’m a failure” and how many of us have then thought those things to be true, maybe even thought they are part of our personality? That’s because thoughts tend to become things and things tend to become actions and actions stick. This is why practicing kind self talk and affirmations can do a world of good by teaching us to listen to our inner bestie over our inner meanie!

Taking time to talk to yourself kindly, pump yourself up and set your mindset up to achieve anything you want will benefit not just your everyday, but your long term goals and general mental health. Strengthening your auto responders in your brain to be positive before anything else. This BYE Limiting Beliefs, HELLO Affirmations card deck will flip the script and teach you how to reframe your limiting belief into a positive affirmation!

What you get!

Your 20pk card deck will be packaged in super cute tissue paper with a personalised thank you note, actions list (prompts to make more out of your new affirmations) and a bonus secret little somethin' hehe!

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"Your workshops are something my kids always ask to do! It is so special for them to have another positive role-model in their lives. Thank you for creating such well structured, organised, supportive + enriching experiences for our kids!"
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