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Terms & Conditions
Release Form

Photographs and/or video/audio recordings may be made during the workshop and may feature the students. These may be used for a range of purposes, but mainly for marketing purposes. This may include, but is not limited to, demonstrating the workshop and the fun the students are having on social media, brochures, flyers, newspaper articles, videos, websites. By purchasing tickets/booking, you are granting permission for yourself or your child to be photographed/videoed on behalf of Energised Minds and give permission for the intended uses as stated above. You also agree to release Energised Minds from any and all liability associated with the use by Energised Minds, or a third party, of the photographs/audio/video as set out by this agreement. (Please note that we will happily take down an image of you or your child if you request this of us).

Covid19, Cancellation Policy & Refunds

Energised Minds reserves the right to cancel or change the workshop/event in any way at any time. In this instance, we will endeavour to provide you with as much notice as possible.

In the event of the workshop being cancelled by Energised Minds, a refund or transfer will be issued for a future event. 

If circumstances change and the student cannot make the event, due to sickness such as Covid19, the enrolment may be transferred to another person or the student may transfer to a future course. When there isn't a future course a credit will be issued. No refunds will be made. Please note that cancellations made within 48hrs of the event will have NO refund or credit. If cancellation is made within a week (7 days) of the event only a 50% credit will be provided  this is due to the logistics of our workshops (venue hire fees, planning around a certain number of participants, materials already bought, prior hours spent creating all aspects of the program etc). In the instance that your child can no longer attend or you wish to transfer your booking to another student please contact Ali asap. Thank you.

Student Expectations

It is so important to Energised Minds to create a space where each student feels that they can be themselves, speak without judgement and feel safe, while getting the most out of the workshop. To this end, we have a zero tolerance for bullying and will not hesitate to expel a student if their behaviour is inappropriate. We expect each student to put 100% effort in throughout the workshop to get the most out of it, but also understand that some students may rather listen than speak - that is totally ok, but we encourage everyone to part take in the workbook (practical) activities.

Voluntary Participation & Assumption of Risk

I fully understand and consent to the voluntary participation by my minor child in the Event. I take full and sole responsibility for my minor child’s life and well-being and all decisions made before, during and after the Event. I acknowledge that my minor child is choosing to participate voluntarily in the activities at the Event (“Activities”) and I recognise that these Activities, while planned with care and love, may contain certain inherent risks. I agree that I expressly assume the risks of the Event and all Activities in which my minor child participates. I am also aware that if there is any Activity that I am not comfortable with my minor child participating in, or my minor child is not participating in, that my minor child may voluntarily decline to participate if he, she or I wish.

Rules and Warnings

My minor child and I agree to observe and obey all posted and announced rules and warnings, and further agree to follow any instructions or directions given by the Facilitator, or his/her employees and agents.

Disclosure of Allergies and Sensitivities

I understand that if my minor child is provided with meals, snacks, or is exposed to other products while at the Event, I agree to disclose to the Facilitator in advance any known or suspected food sensitivities or other allergies. I agree to disclose any physical limitations that may impact my minor child’s breathing or movement or any other health or mental condition of my minor child that may be affected during the Event. If I suspect that my minor child has a medical or mental health emergency, issue or concern, I agree to inform the Facilitator and his/her agents immediately.

Online Workshops

All online workshops are recorded. These recordings may show participants faces at certain times, and may be used for other training purposes in future. For example the workshop could be sold as a recording rather than a live video call and those who attended the live workshop may be in the recording. The focus of each workshop will be on the host, Ali, and primarily show her face or screen of the workbook or resources being spoken about. By accepting these terms and conditions you agree to the above statements.

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