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Is 1:1 mentoring right for my young person?

holding space for youth to grow

1:1 mentoring is a great tool for any young person experiencing low self esteem, body image concerns, friendship difficulty, struggling with the comparisons and pressures of social media or feeling stressed or anxious about simply being them. 

Our 1:1 mentoring program will provide your young person with strategies and tips to navigate their feelings. A gentle, relatable and comfortable approach... think of Ali as their BFF cheering them on or their big sister helping them embrace their amazing self!

Mentoring to guide, support and cheer on young people to strengthen their self esteem, self worth and overall confidence while helping them to work through any difficulties they may be facing. Learning to embrace their uniqueness exactly as they are!


FREE discovery call via zoom ~ 15 mins

This is a quick online meet up session with the parent/guardian and Mentor (Ali) to chat about the specific concerns of what you and your young person want to be guided and supported with during the 4 mentoring sessions to follow. After this initial meeting Ali will write up a lesson plan for the 4 weeks to follow and email it through for the 'ok' or any edits before the mentoring sessions commence.

This meeting also allows us to connect and determine if Ali's mentoring is the perfect match for your young person.


Your young person is welcome to attend if desired, but I encourage this time to be for us adults only, to talk in detail without any extra pressure being put onto the young person.


4x mentoring sessions ~ 45 or 60 mins each

After the meet up we decide if this is a mentoring match. If so we book in a day and time that suits both parties for the 4 x mentoring sessions. Available days to choose from are currently Tuesdays, Wednesdays & Fridays 3:30pm onwards. Homeschooling additional options of Tuesdays & Thursdays during school hours.

These 4 sessions are held via Zoom, or at a local park out in nature or in the comfort of your own home, in-person (my favourite) with the young person and Mentor (Ali) only.

It’s important to invest time so that trust can be developed, skills can be learnt, and therefore positive change can be made, which is why we have 4 mentoring sessions. 1 x 45 or 60 minute session each week over a month with the option to continue from there. Costs vary, scroll down to see.

Meet Ali!


Ali Collier is the founder of Energised Minds in Perth WA Australia. She is a Youth Mentor for Tweens, Teens and Young Adults, focusing on helping them realise how amazing they are right now. As a young person she wished she had something, some space or someone to teach her she was enough exactly as she was. That her differences were her superpower and that she shouldn't spend her days wishing she was someone else "better". Ali is here to help youth through finding themselves amongst the pressures of society today so they can live as their truest happiest self!

Ali specialises in Self Love & Self Care, Confidence & Self Esteem, Anxiety & Stress and Body Image.

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Week 1

Welcome and introduction of each other. We gently share things about ourselves and form some trust to open up about how they might be feeling through the use of question cards and prompts.

Week 2-4

These are tailored to the young persons specific needs and works alongside the outline of each session provided to the parents prior to commencing the mentoring. These can be tweaked during the week after each session from what may have been brought up or shown as important to the young person. The use of complimenting worksheets and art therapy style activities for engagement will be created to work on together in the session or at a time that suits the young person. All focusing on growth in the area of concern and developing a helpful positive mindset.

The investment.

Our 1:1 Mentoring Program is $316 or $79 per session (45 min sessions), $376 or $94 per session (60 min sessions). This includes the weekly session and the creation of the personalised lesson plan/outline and any worksheets or activities.

"Your workshops are something my kids always ask to do! It is so special for them to have another positive role-model in their lives. Thank you for creating such well structured, organised, supportive + enriching experiences for our kids!"
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