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workshops, free goodies, HELPFUL TIPS, WELLNESS WORKSHEETS AND REAL TALK. Helping tweens & teens to grow to be strong, happy & resilient - and most of all, love themselves!

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Saturday February 22nd 2020

1pm - 3pm (2hrs)

Tickets - $35


FUN + CREATIVITY + MOTIVATION! Get crafty and create your very own motivation board full of positivity and good vibes, in this Mini Masterclass 2hr workshop!

Let’s have some fun with motivational quotes, mantras, kind self talk, goal setting and dream searching! You will craft your very own Motivation Board for a clear vision of how you want to feel and what you want to achieve in the year ahead!


You will craft your very own Motivation Board for a clear vision of how you want to FEEL and what you want to ACHIEVE in the year ahead! The perfect workshop if you want to get creative, dream big, focus in on your amazing qualities as a human regardless of age, size, race, social status or grades at school, and create an overall healthier and happier mindset full of MOTIVATION!

  • Crafts included (coloured card, quotes, magazines, pens, pencils, stickers etc).

  • Snacks and water included.

  • Suitable for 10 -17year olds.

All my programs act as early interventions to help prevent youth growing up and developing things such as anxiety, eating disorders and poor mental health in general. These programs are created to have lasting positive impact on these young people's lives for years to come and overall celebrate the person they are and the beauty of their uniqueness. More resilience, empowerment, individuality and self love.

you just missed out!

Bookings for the Motivation Board Workshop have closed. BUT, this workshop is so much fun and so helpful, that we will be running it again soon. Everything will be the same as above, just a new date :)

To make sure you don't miss a thing and to be told when the next workshop will be running, simply join the waitlist below: