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Complete in your own time
and day, at your place.

Tickets - $20

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Let’s catch-up together (virtually) and learn how to love ourselves more! Topics include Confidence, Body Image, Comparison Trap, Feelings, Self Love & Care.


  • Workshop Training Video (life-time access to this! Watch the training video as I take you through each topic and activities. You can choose to complete it all at once or perhaps one topic each day - what ever is right for you!)

  • Workbook & Worksheets of activities (plus bonus DIY self care activities to do also!)

  • Certificate of Completion (because you deserve to feel extra special for opening your heart and mind to self love, and for simply showing up as YOU!)

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Learning outcomes:

  • In depth mix of practical (via your worksheets/workbook) and discussion based activities that encourage opening up and thinking on a deeper level.

  • Focus on positive body image, self worth and underlying limiting beliefs that might be holding you back. 

  • We'll identify what the comparison trap looks and feels like (thinking others are "prettier" or "better" than you).

  • Working through negative thought patterns and how we can use the way we speak/our language to make them more positive and work for us rather than against us.

  • How to tap into your uniqueness and boost your confidence through loving yourself just as you are now and by showing gratitude for your body.

  • Instructions for a fun DIY self love activity (that you can do in your own time when you wish).

  • Safe open space to be heard and supported without judgment - think of me as your BFF!

Who is this online workshop for?

  • This workshop is for all of the young girls and woman who simply want to love themselves that little bit more.

  • For those wanting some connection, inspiration and validation that you matter are are worth it!

  • Ideally aimed at 15 - 25 year olds, female. BUT any one who feels like the above is perfect for them I can assure you will find this workshop useful just as much.

Now is the perfect time to focus on YOU! To let yourself feel confident in yourself, grateful for your body and loved for everything you are! 


My programs act as early interventions to help prevent youth growing up and developing things such as anxiety, eating disorders and poor mental health in general. These programs are created to have lasting positive impact on these young people's lives for years to come and overall celebrate the person they are and the beauty of their uniqueness. More resilience, empowerment, individuality and self love.

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