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 APRIL 11th 2021 

 10am - 1.30pm (3.5hrs) 

 For 7-15yRo 

 tickets $50 


 Location: Parkwood 6147 WA 
(exact address to given in booking confirmation email) 

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Creative Mind, Grateful Body, Caring Soul.

school holiday workshop:

This 3.5 hour school holiday program is all about loving your

creative mind, being grateful for your body and looking inwards

at your caring soul. Crafty activities, movement activities and self-care activities! For teens and tweens 7-15 years old in Perth WA.

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WHAT THE workshop involves:

Perfect time for Mum and Dad to relax, get some work done or just enjoy some time to themselves while their young person is having lots of fun getting crafty with a bunch of other tweens or teens their age. The ultimate school holiday program your young person will want to do everyday, and won't want to leave ...(trust me, I've heard past participants say these exact words!)

Our half day programs are created as a space for them to come and feel free to be themselves and let their imagination run wild! As with all our other programs, the discussions we have and activities we do on the day help them to feel confident, special, supported, worthy, celebrated and with a sense of belonging, plus make some new friends! We will have the coolest indoor/outdoor setup as well as a cute picnic blanket with loads of cushions on a grassed area too!

10am (30mins)
Welcome circle and icebreaker games.


10.30am (1hr)

Creative session: Make your own Wind Chime with
focus on self expression, imagination and uniqueness.


11.30am (30mins)

Movement session: Yoga dice game and hula hoop games with focus on

body and mind connection, gratitude for our amazing body and what it can do.
And with fun music!


12pm (30mins)

A break to eat, chat and relax... picnic style - bring your own lunch!
Light snacks provided (fruit platter and some lollies) but they must bring their own lunch.
There is a refrigerator and microwave on premises for food that needs to be kept cool or heated.


12.30pm (1hr)

Self-Care session: Making calming glitter jars! This self care activity is based around our emotions, in particular when we might feel stressed, anxious or angry and how we can use this glitter jar to pause for a moment and remind us the power of self care and being in the present moment. (Plus they're cool to look at, and make!)

All materials for activities provided, and everything

made you get to take home with you!


Ali is a Youth Empowerment Coach & Mentor for Tweens, Teens and Young Adults, focusing on helping them realise how amazing they are right now! Specialising in Self Love & Self Care, Confidence & Self Esteem, Anxiety & Stress and Body Image. Located in Perth WA.

Ali is passionate about helping young people 'fill up their cup' and EMBRACE being their unique beautiful self and know that their magic lies in their differences. 

Ali has experience working with both younger kids and older teens and brings a calming, fun and supportive energy to all her workshops and trainings, making sure each student feels comfortable and confident to be themselves and participant in group activities. Ali is currently working as a facilitator with girls 8-12 years at Girls Without Limits After School Programs as well as in their 'Unique' Primary (in-)School Program. She also works with girls 10-18 years on the Shine From Within Online Academy, while also running her own Energised Minds programs and resources. Ali is also an accredited Youth Mental Health First Aider.


If you'd like a free 15 minute chat with Ali before booking, simply head to the contact page and fill out the form asking just that and we'll set up a time for a chat.

Ali Collier

Youth Empowerment

Coach & Mentor

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Sorry, you just missed us! Bookings for our Autumn School Holiday Workshop, Creative Mind, Grateful Body, Caring Soul have closed! We run this program every school holidays with new seasonal activities for each topic. Our next round will be in the September School Holidays, join our mailing list or follow us on Facebook or Instagram so keep up to date with what's on :)




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