What would you tell your younger self?

If you could give her some helpful advice, tips, praise, confidence what would you say?

What I’d say to my 13-17yr old self would be something like this:

💜 you’re worth way beyond how much you weigh! And don’t let anyone tell you or make you feel otherwise.

💜 things always look scary from the outset, but you don’t know how much fun you can get from an experience if you just try and give it a shot! Live in the moment and be more present. 💜 boys are silly. Full. Stop. (Even the good ones)!

💜 you’re one of a kind, totally unique, stand out from the crowd and have so many differences - personality and looks wise - THIS IS SUCH A GOOD THING!

💜 do things that make you happy not what’s considered the ‘norm’ or on ‘trend’ - do you!

💜 friends who love you for you will be around forever! Keep them close, don’t waste your time trying your hardest to be bffs with the ‘it’ girl or ‘cool’ group - cause you’re cool already! 💜 think of the possibilities and positives of a situation before going straight to the things that could go wrong or are bad (note to present self - keep working on this!)

💜 be honest, real and kind always!

A few of these things I reaaallllyyy wish I knew or were reminded of back then, but we all grow and learn and that makes us who we are today. Sometimes nowadays I catch myself out, thinking like I’m that 16yr old girl still - scared, worried about everything, no confidence and hating myself... and I have to remind myself I’m not that person anymore! I’ve grown, I’ve learnt, and now love myself, feel confident, accept my body and don’t care what others think of me because I like me!

So next time you might be being a bit (or a lot) hard on yourself try and stop yourself and think what would you tell your younger self if you’re feeling like you do now... I bet you’d be super kind to her and only want to make her feel good right!? So do that for yourself now! 🤗💕

If you could say something to help your younger self what would it be? . . .

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