What does it mean to be healthy?

For me it’s about having a good balance of moving my body, eating food that I love and making time for self love!

I use to think that being fit and healthy meant exercising everyday really hard, keeping progress by weighing myself weekly on scales and eating small healthy food or even shakes instead! For a long time that made me very happy and I did make progress (a lot of weight loss) but over the last year or so I’ve realised that being fit and healthy has a lot more to do with your mind and wellbeing in general not about the weight loss!

This is what being fit and healthy looks like to me nowadays:

✔️ Moving my body for fun / doing exercises I enjoy or changing it up with a puppy walk, hike, bike ride, or nothing if my body needs to rest!

✔️ Listening to my body

✔️ Eating foods I enjoy! I eat healthy but real food! No diets or restrictions - dessert is a must

✔️ I’ve learnt that some chocolate or treats here and there won’t undo all my hard work!

✔️ Rarely weigh myself anymore - and when I do, + or a - number doesn’t mean a lot to me, it’s just a number!

✔️ Progress photos mean more/show real progress than the number above!

✔️ I practice gratitude and self care

✔️ I focus on what makes me feel good and what makes me happy in all areas - food, exercise, self love, work, life!

So that’s me nowadays! And please remember if your ‘fit and healthy’ doesn’t look like this it doesn’t mean it’s wrong, everyone is different...

but lets stop feeding society’s view of that “skinny, ab popping, calorie counting fit and healthy body” and focus more on “happy, strong, self accepting body” instead 💖

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