Real talk - body image and acceptance 💕

This is me in my realest form 👋🏻 Full happy tummy, accompanied by bloating, stretch marks, rolls, red lines from the jeans I just took off and my fave little liney belly button!

This is me 99% of the time, happy and content with myself and in my own body... but sometimes that 1% of negative body image thinking, unrealistic social posts or accounts and overall pressure of being your ‘best’ gets into your mind and mess’s up your balance of positive self loving vibes!!

So, today I simply want to bring you some realness and to tell you to stop comparing yourself to others, stop exercising to be ‘skinny’, stop looking for the perfect lighting or angle or filter and stop trying to make yourself ‘perfect’ because you’re already perfect as you are!!

Start tapping into your uniqueness and love on that, give all your energy to accepting yourself as you are right now! Nourish yourself with food that makes you feel good and movement you do just cause it’s fun or by getting off social media for some down time - you’ll feel incredible loving yourself for everything you are! 🤗 💕

Remember that what society has programmed into your head as what the ‘right’ body should look like - but that is wrong!!

Every body, shape and size if you’re happy is right!! #selfacceptance #positivebodyimage#happy #real #selfworth#youareperfectlyimperfect#loveyourself #trueself #body#realness #mind #spirit#energisedminds

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