Purify your heart & Soul

A little space for yourself. Why it's so important to make time for YOU!

It’s so so sooo important to take time for yourself. And when I say that I mean real time, time invested in yourself to make you happier and healthier. To make your heart full and soul deep!! I personally find it hard to take time for myself. To be ‘lonely’ as I’m just left with me and my mind and that little guy isn’t always telling me good things, 9/10 times the opposite... so this is why making time to be present with yourself and yourself alone is a must. Stop and listen to your mind and realign any negativity with self love.

Rebalance it with your heart and soul. It’s not always the most pleasant to face yourself and your thoughts and often easier to mask them with keeping busy or surrounding yourself with friends and family but once you let yourself be alone you dive in deeper and find your true self not the friend or girlfriend or sister or mother you are for people, just plain old perfect YOU! You teach yourself - your mind, that it’s ok to do just you and be with just yourself.

So in saying all that, my pamper friyay is well underway - face masks, candles and future ideas making me feel amazing!! ✨💕

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