JANUARY 28th 2021 - book below! 

 1pm - 3pm (2hrs) 

 For 7-15yRo

tickets $30 


 Location: Parkwood 6147 WA 
 (exact address to given in booking confirmation email) 

Setting goals and embracing who I am!

BACK TO SCHOOL workshop:

Our back to school workshop will help your young person feel confident and happy about heading into the new school year!  Looking at goal setting boards, creating mantras/motivational statements, self expression and self esteem activities. For teens and tweens 7-15 years old in Perth WA.

WHAT THE workshop involves:

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Starting a new school year, or even just a new school term can be a little scary and overwhelming... maybe it involves a new teacher, making new friends, learning new things and all of the stuff in between - and while a lot of the stuff at school can be fun, it can be very easy (and normal) for your young person to feel anxious in the lead up to heading back to school.

Our back to school workshop will give your young person the tools to feel confident about themselves and with some fun goals (academic, personal, maybe how they want to feel) to work towards too. This 2 hr workshop will look a little bit like this... 

1pm (20mins)

Welcome and Ice breaker games: 

  • Participants get to colour in while waiting for everyone to arrive.

  • Introduction of self and what the workshop is about.

  • Identify group guidelines (rules eg; respect each other, be kind etc).

  • Get to know me Dice Game

  • Movie Ball/Silent Ball game


1.20pm (45mins)

Who Am I activity: 

Participants get to draw a self portrait and then draw themselves and write things that make them unique around the page. Describing kind words, things they are good at, things that make them happy until they can visually see how amazing they are as a person.


2.05pm (45mins)

Goal Setting Board:

On their A3 board we will divide  into 4 sections (School, home, friends, outside school activities) and then list 3 things you want to be better at, 3 things you want to try, 1 overall MANTRA (positive, motivational statement) to say and help them meet those goals in 2021. Then we get to decorate our boards!


2.05pm (10mins)

Closing circle to end.:

This is where we go around in our circle and show everyone our creations. Sharing something that is unique to them and 1 goal they have for 2021. This encourages them to speak without fear of judgement in a safe, supportive and encouraging environment (of course we allow participants to not share if they are not feeling confident to do so, it's completely up to them).

All materials for activities provided, and everything

made you get to take home with you!


Ali is a Youth Empowerment Coach & Mentor for Tweens, Teens and Young Adults, focusing on helping them realise how amazing they are right now! Specialising in Self Love & Self Care, Confidence & Self Esteem, Anxiety & Stress and Body Image. Located in Perth WA.

Ali is passionate about helping young people 'fill up their cup' and EMBRACE being their unique beautiful self and know that their magic lies in their differences. 

Ali has experience working with both younger kids and older teens and brings a calming, fun and supportive energy to all her workshops and trainings, making sure each student feels comfortable and confident to be themselves and participant in group activities. Ali is currently working as a facilitator with girls 8-12 years at Girls Without Limits After School Programs as well as in their 'Unique' Primary (in-)School Program. She also works with girls 10-18 years on the Shine From Within Online Academy, while also running her own Energised Minds programs and resources. Ali is also an accredited Youth Mental Health First Aider.


If you'd like a free 15 minute chat with Ali before booking, simply head to the contact page and fill out the form asking just that and we'll set up a time for a chat.

Ali Collier

Youth Empowerment

Coach & Mentor



Bookings for our Back to School Workshop have closed. BUT, this workshop is so much fun and so helpful, that we will be running it again next year! To keep up to date make sure to follow our Facebook and Instagram pages and join our mailing list (see footer below)